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Still around... 
26th-Feb-2014 06:54 pm
"Decorated" by me
*dusts off the neglected LJ*

Hello all! New laptop ended up taking far longer than expected for purchasing -- but, at long last, today I finally ordered my new laptop. Unfortunately, it is an insane gaming laptop that will need to be built and thus won't be arriving until the end of March.

It's been odd being computer-less for all that time, but I couldn't say I had much time for anything except work as I now do loads of independent contractor work on top of my 45 hour workweek.

I might disappear again for a bit until my laptop arrives, just thought I would give a heads up!
27th-Feb-2014 03:54 am (UTC)
Well, as you probably know, I'm just relieved that you are well and still around. But working 45 hours + doing independent work sounds awful! Hope you won't have to work so hard for too long. Take care and mucho love.

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27th-Feb-2014 04:34 am (UTC)
That answers my question "where the heck is shylahmask?". Glad you are well but overworked.
27th-Feb-2014 11:08 am (UTC)

Nice to see you.
17th-Jun-2014 10:45 pm (UTC) - Still around myself.
I've been away from LJ myself. Work and real life have been keeping me busy.

I finally caught up to the last of the Red Curse. I didn't even know you were out of the country. Hope you had a wonderful trip. Hope to hear more from you when are able to post again.
24th-Jul-2014 01:50 am (UTC)
Hullo. I miss you. Still.
2nd-Feb-2015 07:43 pm (UTC)
Hope you are alright. Have almost accepted that you will probably never return but iz sad all the same. Take care. Hugs.
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